Services at The Respite House are built around the Wellness Plan, which is unique to each guests' needs.  The Wellness Plan guides services provided for the guests in The Respite House. Individuals receiving services at The Respite House meet one-on-one with one of the wellness associates on staff to create a Wellness Plan. The Wellness Plan is complete with goals and objectives that can assist and empower the individual to work through their emotional distress or mental health crisis. Staff works with The Respite House guest to create a truly unique Wellness Plan which caters to the individual's goals.  


      Objectives in the Wellness Plan can revolve around a variety of services that the Respite House is equipped with. Depending on the needs of the individual receiving services, the Wellness Plan can include different objectives.  Some examples of possible objectives include learning new coping skills, such as meditation and journaling, or learning how to establish a healthy routine by taking medications regularly and maintaining a healthy diet.  Our staff meets each individual for an hour each day to discuss and work on the Wellness Plan. Additionally, staff encourages guests to work on their own independent goals such as working towards obtaining gainful employment or maintaining better and more positive daily routines.


       The Wellness Planning process is guided by staff but goals are determined by the guest.  Staff works with guests to identify strengths in the areas of sleep and rest, relaxation and stress management, healthy habits and routines, and in managing any health conditions.  This assists The Respite House guests in identifying any additional personal goals to reach towards.  After going through strengths and creating the Wellness Plan, guests are able to get a better picture of what the "next step" is in their own recovery. At the Respite House, we view crisis through the lens of wellness, using crisis as an opportunity for personal growth. Guests are able to learn skills to get through not only their current crisis, but future crises as well.