What is the Respite House?
  The Respite House is a safe alternative to an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization.  As a peer-run initiative, the Respite House provides 24/7 peer to peer support in working through a mental health crisis.  The Respite House provides a comfortable setting in which guests can establish positive coping skills and become empowered to establish healthy habits and routines.   
    The Respite House offers a 10 night stay in a welcoming home environment in which staff works with individuals to develop goals and objectives in the Wellness Plan.  Following a 10 night stay, guests are offered 30 days of follow up support in which staff reaches out to past guests regularly to further support and encourage them in reaching towards their wellness goals.  
Our Mission

To instill a sense of hope, empowerment, and self-determination in people in emotional distress fostering recovery and wellness in order to pursue valued life roles.

Our Vision

The Wellness Respite provides guests with support and tools to pursue recovery and wellness.


We aim to both inspire hope and assist guests in developing skills to access effective services that adequately address their particular health and life conditions.

Our Values
  • Hope

  • Resiliency

  • Respect 

  • Genuineness

  • Specificity

  • Empathy

  • Integrity

  • Positive Expectations

Wellness Respite services are provided by Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey Inc. (CSPNJ), which is a peer-led, non-profit organization which provides flexible community-based services that promote responsibility, recovery and wellness through the provision of community wellness centers, supportive and respite housing, human rights advocacy and education and innovative programs.  For more information on Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey, please visit www.cspnj.org.