Who is eligible for admission into the Respite House, you may ask? The Respite House is open to individuals seeking services who fit the following  eligibility criteria:


Individuals age 18 and over

Intake call is made by person seeking services. Admission is completely voluntary.

Individuals seeking services must have stable housing.

Individuals seeking services must exhibit distress related to a mental health diagnosis

Individuals must not require 24 hour nursing care.

Individuals must commit to working with staff for 1 hour each day on the wellness plan.




       When Jeremy arrived at the New Brunswick Respite house, he identified that he was dealing with mixed feelings of depression and some mania, which was leading him to make poor choices.  Jeremy stated that he had been sleeping in his car despite having sufficient funds to secure a place to live and he had been more promiscuous than usual.  He stated that he was in need of guidance and mental health services. Jeremy worked with Respite staff to identify which community resources he should be connected with. Within a few days, he was attending program at UBHC in Piscataway and was committed to making healthier lifestyle choices.  Jeremy stated that he wanted to be stable and that he wanted to be able to enjoy himself without feeling impulsive. David’s goals for his Respite house stay were to improve self-esteem, decrease feelings of depression, and to ultimately improve his decision making skills.


            Jeremy worked with staff to explore coping skills that could assist him with boosting self-esteem and combating negative thinking and impulsiveness. Jeremy began exercising in the park across the street from the Respite house and started to reach out to family and friends for support. Moreover, he was very active in the Respite house, meeting with staff every day for at least an hour per day to work on his wellness plan. After Jeremy left the Respite house, he joined staff and former respite house guests at Alumni Night/TAFA Café at the Moving Forward Community Wellness Center.  Since then, Jeremy has called several times to check in with staff during his follow up support. Furthermore, Jeremy has continued to attend UBHC and has found a place to live. Currently, the Respite team continues to wish the best for Jeremy as he pursues health and wellness.  *Please note: The guest's name was changed to protect confidentiality.



     When Jackie first came into the respite house, she was struggling to maintain her wellness.  Jackie stated that she was not sleeping well and she was not practicing any self-care.  Jackie was living with her grandmother in a house packed with various other family members.  Jackie was sleeping on the couch and was constantly feeling like she was a burden on her grandmother.  Not only was she uncomfortable sleeping on the couch, but she was also witnessing other family members treating her grandmother poorly and with disrespect.  Jackie stated that life at home was preventing her to reach the level of wellness in her life that she desired.

Jackie continued to attend program while she was at the respite house but the evenings were spent working on wellness. 


     Jackie worked hard throughout her stay to improve coping skills.  Each evening, in addition to meeting with staff, Jackie would spend time coloring, meditating and socializing with other respite house guests.   Jackie worked hard on wellness skills while she was also working on finding a new place to life. Jackie did not lose her focus on wellness while she was reaching out to housing agencies such as Triple C Housing and SerV Housing.  Jackie used resources available to her and found a peaceful place to live where she would not feel like a burden or have to witness her family members treating her grandmother with disrespect. 


     Jackie likes to call and check in with the respite house staff every so often and each time she calls, there is a positive report.  Jackie has been continuing to attend program during the day while continuing to work on and improve coping skills.  Last time Jackie called to check in, Jackie stated that she is really looking forward to attending “Alumni Night/TAFA Café” at Moving Forward Wellness Center in New Brunswick  *Please note: The guest's name was changed to protect confidentiality.