"When 'I' becomes 'We', even illness becomes wellness"


     We at The Respite House believe that you are the expert in your own recovery.  We believe in inspiring hope and empowering individuals who are faced with a mental health crisis.  We view crisis through the lens of wellness, using crisis as an opportunity for positive change and growth.  We believe that YOU can learn how to manage a crisis by learning new coping skills and setting proper goals and objectives to reach for.  Let us help you envision and achieve your own individual success. 


  We at The Respite House use our expertise and lived experience to assist and guide respite guests onto a positive path towards recovery. Our staff is available 24/7 at The Respite House, providing peer support and knowledge of skills training.  Our team at The Respite House provides 100% confidentiality in working individually with guests on their goals and objectives. Our team can provide a supportive atmosphere in which individuals can work and focus on themselves and their mental health.   


   The Respite House can be an alternative to an inpatient psychiatric hospital stay. Individuals who feel overwhelmed or distressed by life's circumstances may turn to a medical hospital for help in their recovery.  The Respite House offers wellness based services provided by peers with psychiatric rehabilitation experience and lived experence with mental illness. Staff work with guests to build a "Wellness Plan" to guide the individual to learn and build skills to overcome their crisis and future crises as well.